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Sourced Occupational Health is a Healthcare Consultancy organization established in 2007. We are fully BBBEEE Healthcare Organization specializing in Occupational Health and Safety. We are ourselves a Small Business Enterprise.

Prior to its establishment the founders identified a gap in the market that competitors in the field did not really show interest in. There were many upcoming small businesses at that time paving the way in developments and infrastructure towards the 2010 Soccer World Cup. All of them needed to comply with the same OHS Act 85 of 1993 as all other larger organizations.

The difference was that the large, established organizations could afford an outsourced provider that specialize in the field to take care of these requirements for them whereas the small business owners could not.

We decided to fill that gap.

With the founder’s extensive experience gained over 9years and a Bachelors of Technology Degree in Occupational Health, we managed to reach out to over 20 small businesses.

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About Us

To provide employers with easy to understand methods of implementing Health and Safety in their workplace. To provide employees with the necessary understanding of


Thanks so much for helping me after I broke my arm! I'm back at work and doing well.

- Oscar

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